Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Thank you for stopping by. If I could slightly inconvenience you and redirect to my new site, that'd be swell.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Site is changing

I appreciate the three of you that have visited my site over the past 6 months. While I've enjoyed learning on Blogger's format, it's now time to step it up. I am in the process of changing sites and domains.

The new domain name is http://www.davidebenjamin.com/

That site is under construction and will probably take a few weeks to complete.

When complete, I am hoping to have everything I create content wise in one consice location. As always, I am open to your suggestions of how I can improve my new site.

Until then...

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Can you predict future success?

Can you tell me who #33 in yellow is?

What if I told you it was Shaquille O’Neal during his LSU days, would you believe me? Trust me, it is.

It got me thinking how challenging it is to predict future success.

In sports, we play this game all the time, it’s called draft prognostication and Monday Morning Quarterbacking. We have all the answers come NFL draft time. We always know which players are going to be successful in the NFL and which will be a bust (ala Ryan Leaf).

We can easily predict which stocks will go up in the future and which ones will tank, we just choose not to cash in on all our knowledge. Heck, give me a magic eight ball and I’ll predict your future for decades to come.

Hindsight is always 20-20 but we do control our destiny based on effort and determination.

Do we REALLY know TODAY how well President Obama will do when his presidency ultimately ends?

Why do some people make the same mistake year after year in business. Sales are down trending worse each month yet no changes are on the horizon. Apparently time is going to be the magic elixir to solve all the companies financial woes.

Money aside, why don’t struggling companies consider bringing on proven turnaround specialists to assist in much needed rebranding, new go-to-market strategies, or help in hiring talent that generates more revenue ? Could it be ego? I’m just asking.

I’m asking all these questions because I want to initiate conversation. Look at the picture again, what stands out the most?

While Shaq was a highly touted collegiate player expected to do great things in the NBA, so was Sam Bowie and many others who never lived up to the hype. What do we measure to help predict future success?

Sports and Business go hand in hand. We can learn a lot from watching sports and apply it to the business world. There’s a reason some CEO’s can drive a business forward while others drive their company straight into the ground. The same holds true in sports, just look at the New England Patriots or the Detroit Red Wings. Winning organizations, CEO’s, and sales professionals find a way to succeed no matter what obstacles stand in their way.

Shaquille O’Neal doesn’t look that big compared to the rest of the players does he? Did you really know he would have the career that he’s had?

How do you decide where to invest your money, who to trust with your business or help make important decisions?

Do you have the right team in place both personally and professionally?

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Welcome to my world!

Thank you for stopping by, I hope you enjoy your time spent here. My goal is to create an experience and a platform where content is shared in different formats for your entertainment and education.

I've written a few blogs; share a video I produced; and provided links to a Business Roundtable podcast I co-created with Larry Henry, highlighting some of Detroit's Best and Brightest.

I appreciate any feedback that you have. I truly care about creating a positive experience, one where you think to yourself after leaving..."I think I'll come back."

Sunday, April 19, 2009

What's with all the noise?

I just don’t get it, is it really that hard? I mean, we walk around all day listening to people’s bullshit and don’t say a peep but have to endure 110 characters of two people catching up and we want to throw our laptops out the window. Jiminy Crickets! I’ve never thought of Twitter as a bunch of noise with an occasional valuable tweet every now and again. It’s all good, and when it isn’t, I just move on…it doesn’t take but 1 sec. Oh I forgot, we’re now so busy we don’t have an extra 25 seconds in our day to read through *cough* the noise.

I’m about building relationships. Sometimes discussing a recipe, giving props for doing a great job, or just saying “Happy Flippin’ Monday” is all I’m looking for. Excuse me that I didn’t DM them, I hope I didn’t interrupt your busy day. So many people will never understand how to get value from spending time on twitter because get this, it’s common sense. That’s right, the long lost art of ‘do what makes sense’ has gone the way of Laserdiscs...hard to find!

I get it, developing long lasting relationships takes more than hitting a ‘follow’ button. You may have to talk with them over the phone, meet them for drinks, or god-for-bid learn about their interests both personally and professionally over time through various platforms. I like the people in my network. I like to hear positive stories, what events are being attended providing value.

I like having @KenBurbary link awesome article after awesome article for me to read, enjoy, and become more educated. I enjoy hearing @AmberCadabra is doing a podcast and links where I can listen. I also like catching up with her on the social front. Is it so hard to endure a few words cross your monitor for all of 1 minute before the stream passes by like a ship in the night?

I can’t begin to make a list of all the positive things that have happened in my life both personally and professionally from spending time on twitter. Not every tweet has to provide ROI. If the noise is bothering you as Amber so eloquently stated. “Unfollow”.

Not everything we do in life provides instant results like watering a chia pet. I do business with people I know, like, and trust. Many of you do the same. Don’t be afraid to do the heavy lifting, it may take a little extra effort but the ROI is terrific. I won’t be your bff because you send me one tweet. Our relationship will take time to develop if we let it and both ‘opt in’.

The best things in life usually need a little nature and a little nurture. Try growing a 10 foot tree in 3 days from a seed…

Picture credit: www.thedeafblog.co.uk/loud.jpg

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Vicious Cycle

Barack Obama said in his inauguration speech just a couple months ago, “…Our capacity remains undiminished. But our time of standing pat, of protecting narrow interests and putting off unpleasant decisions -- that time has surely passed. Starting today, we must pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and begin again the work of remaking America.”

The 1 Million plus in attendance stood on their feet and gave a thunderous applause…right before heading home to take a nap!

Ever listen to a motivational speaker? You leave the building all pumped up with renewed enthusiasm only to wake up the next morning and go back to the same old bad habits of getting up late for work or smoking a cigarette...thinking about how drunk you're going to get on the weekend. We’ve already lost the zeal for that great enthusiasm all bottled up just a few short hours ago. What went wrong?

Braking bad habits is hard. We are a creature of habit or say they say. So how do we get out of this vicious cycle that most of the world seems to be entrenched in? For the purposes of this post, I’m going to focus my efforts on America but we all realize the problems exist well beyond our borders.

We verbally say we’re going to work harder, but from my vantage point it’s business as usual. Lines at McDonalds are just as long, if not longer. Just as many SUV’s are filling up their tanks with no plans to make their next car purchase a “eco-friendly model”. The people that got motivated to join a Gym in January have started to drop like flies. Excuses for why it is impossible to be successful in business during these rough economic times are on the rise. Enough already!

Breaking The Vicious Cycle of Poverty by Nketiah, Nana Kumapremereh

“Economists have long argued that people are poor because of a low level of savings. Their argument is deeply rooted in the concept of vicious cycle of poverty. This concept holds that low productivity leads to low income, low income leads to low savings, and low savings leads to low investment and low investment to low productivity.”

Much like the Carbon Cycle, there are some elements of the business cycle that are out of our control. What is in our control is how we really attack this current crisis. We can’t keep doing what we’ve always done, that didn’t cut it.

If you’re 40 years old or younger you’ve most likely not gone through this economic climate. There may not be an easy blueprint staring us in the face of how we get out of this mess, but one thing is for sure. The people that put their heads down and as Gary Vaynerchuk says, “Work their face off”…will prosper the most over time.

Time to take action is now. There is no more tomorrow. If you are required to make 80 calls a day at work to hit your magic number, make 20% more calls. If you set ten appointments a week, schedule another two and stop complaining how exhausted you are. Be smarter with your schedules and your time management.

If you added up how much time you waste either complaining or explaining how it CAN’T work you’d have another 5-10 hours in the week to be productive. Sleep one hour less if it means doing everything and doing it well. I’m not perfect by any stretch. I don’t have all the answers but what I do know is that I have to push myself now with blinders on and not look back.

The real question is, will you be with me or dragging behind?

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Invest in yourself

Anyone who has owned a company understands what it means to reinvest in your business. Make a sale, take the proceeds and reinvest in the latest technology or in more inventory. There will be time to cash in all the chips later but for now you must keep taking those dollars and putting them back into your business. So why do professionals in job transition see things differently?

Times are tough and mostly likely to get worse before it gets better. Companies are laying off in record numbers according to a recent New York Times article. As the recruiting manager for a sales consulting firm, my inbox of resumes from candidates recently laid off is increasing by the day. Recent conversations with professionals working in the advertising industry indicate more layoffs are on the horizon as budgets are getting cut and profits have turned to deficits. So what should the growing number of jobless professionals do? How about reinvesting in YOURSELF!

The concept of calling up a recruiter, hoping that they have the perfect job waiting for you is unrealistic. Even if they did have the ideal position how prepared are you to be considered for that job? Is your resume flawless? How are your interviewing skills? Do you know how to work with a recruiter? Do you know what you want?

The competition is fierce out there. More people will apply to the same jobs you are resulting in fewer opportunities if you are not polished in all areas of your "career search". Much like a successful business evaluates where they are, where they want to go, and what they need to do to get there, the same should hold true for job seekers. What I am finding is that most job seekers have not taken the proper steps to compete in this challenging job market.

  1. Change your mind set - The old traditional ways of looking for a job no longer work
  2. Take stock of skill sets - Do they align with what companies are looking for today?
  3. Consider learning a trade that is in demand - You may have to invest both time & money but you're worth it!
  4. Hire a career coach - Like the business model explained above, this can make the difference.

Companies that survive in these difficult economic times are investing in their business today more than ever. This is not the time to stick your head in the sand and hope that good things will happen. "Hope" is not a strategy. I recommend that if you decide to hire a professional career coach, do your research. Much like the car that you bought, the house that you purchased, or the big screen television sitting in your living room, do your homework. Check out their LinkedIn testimonials, read their blogs, interview them to make sure your investment in YOU will pay dividends.