Friday, January 9, 2009

Utilizing Video

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Utilizing video is the last trend I will cover from: 13 Trends in Corporate Recruiting for 2009. The use of video resumes as an acceptable tool is currently being debated among corporations, recruiting agencies, and the legal profession and while many agree there is some appeal to using the new technology for recruiting purposes, the legal issues are most likely going to prevent this trend from becoming mainstream, at least for the foreseeable future.

CareerTV, which touts itself as “the most-trafficked career video website, with the largest collection of employer videos online,” ditched its video resume service back in 2007. The two main issues are that not enough companies are interested in getting involved since there is no standardized form for what a video resume should include, it is not time efficient. The other one and probably more legitimate concern revolves around the potential law suit from candidates who could try to make the case that they weren’t hired due to race, gender, and/or attractiveness. Yes, we still live in a highly litigious society.

As Joel Cheesman from Cheezhead states, “There seems to be little doubt that video as a tool for employment branding, or even as job description, is a trend that will take hold. Large and small are leveraging online video to create a clearer brand. However, if CareerTV’s move is any indication, the video resume has a long way to go before making it to prime time.”

While video resumes may never take hold, employee-generated unscripted videos are gaining traction. As Dr. Sullivan states, “If a picture is worth a thousand words, then moving pictures demonstrating what it’s like to work at your firm would have to be “priceless.”

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